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Interesting that she didn’t feel anything

Kat found out information today, which stunned her, and also pissed her off. There were two parts to it in some ways. Since I didn’t have much time to write this morning, I had to finish this afternoon to reach my 1K words (at least) goal. I’m also trying to hit that number because it allows me to finish the novels faster.

Finally got around to syncing all my music though. The internet was down here this morning too so I couldn’t use YouTube to listen to my writing playlist. So I used that time to sync my entire CD collection to my laptop, and now that the net is back up, I’m adding it to the OneDrive folder so I can access it through Groove when I’m on my phone. Ya know, when I turn my phone back on.

I forgot how much I love the music collection I have, lol. I also forgot my music collection in general. Downstairs are all my CD’s (maybe 100-ish) and some years ago I put them all on two USB drives.

I’m currently listening to Brian McKnight’s – Back at One album. I fell in love with that man’s voice back in the day when I first heard the song below.

Anyhoo, I’m curious why Kat didn’t sense it before now. She has this inkling in her head that it was probably because of some sort of spell or magic that Sean pulled, which she didn’t know about, but who really knows?

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started today at – 51,734

Ended today at – 52,961

Total word count for today – 1,227

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