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Bet she’s going to be pissed

Nothing more than a quick post to mention the word count. Today Kat was able to reunite with Julian. Two weeks apart may as well have been an eternity for her. But then for Julian as well.

They are sweet together. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that once or twice, correct? No? Lemme just add it yet again. They are so incredibly sweet together. Gotta love a man who can say he missed you. Be still mer heart.

Oh, as to the title. I’d planned to have Kat figure out what scent has been prickling her nerves, buuuuuutttt apparently Julian rescued her before I could. I didn’t know he’d show up in the midst of her thinking about that strange scent. Totally interrupted me and her. But then he is a man who knows what he wants and goes after it, he doesn’t waste time. So as far as he’s concerned, it was time to get his mate back. At least Sean was decent enough to call him and honor the deal they’d made. Could’ve left her alone (though Kat’s connection with Julian meant she could still reach him) and just not said a word.

I find that interesting that Sean called. Again, I didn’t know he would. Not sure why he did, but since I wrote it that means it means something. I just haven’t figured it out, or understand the why, but I will. Eventually.

As for Kat’s little scent. I think (hoping, but it may not go as I think) she may realize out of nowhere what the scent was, and who it belonged to, after they’ve neared home. They being her and Julian. Curious how that will go over.

In my mind I see her attacking Sean and demanding answers, but now that they’ve left, how will that work? Maybe she’ll need him again. But I swear Sean decided after this round, they were done, so dunno. This is why I don’t plan books out. Even when I do.

*throws papers in the air*

Characters do as they please.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 44,928

Ended at – 47,177

Total word count for the day – 2,249

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