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What happens if she adapts that into her gifts?

I didn’t write for the past two days so that’s why I haven’t had any blog post to share. Two days ago I woke up in an emotional state and then when I sat down to write, nothing came. Those are the days I get other things done. A cover made, an advertisement finished. A page updated.

When brain is like that, I don’t bother to push. Yesterday it was less internal and more external. My mother’s van has been crapping out on batteries and she finally had it towed to the Kia dealership to figure out the problem because one repair shop was telling her she needed an alternator and didn’t buy it. Sure enough, the dealership says it has nothing to do with her alternator. That’s just fine.

So there was a lot going on and she woke during the time I write which hurt my brain. This is one part of why it’s hard to work at home, or be a writer. Life will get in the way. I write at a time which normally is when she’s still very much asleep because otherwise I hear a lot of, “Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,” which isn’t conducive to writing. My mother is 77 years old so I do a lot of things around the house. For those who don’t follow me on social media. I am the cook, house cleaner, and nurse on the bad days, landscaper during the year as well, lol.

My day starts early so I can usually get the word count in before she gets up and begins her requests. Most she can fully do on her own, but she has limits. Don’t tell her that. She’s why I’m a stubborn butt who rarely rests. Doctor tells her take it easy on the muscle she pulled in her chest recently and she’s still fairly active.

Being a writer isn’t a glamorous job. There are times where I’ve mentioned I only write for an hour a day and I’ve actually had people comment on how it’s so little. Mostly I think they were harassing for harassment’s sake. Gotta love those folks. But I’m envious of those writers who get hours upon hours of free writing time every day. Not that they don’t also have extremely busy days.

Not all writers have so much time a day but we still sit our butt down every day (that we can) no matter what and attempt to get something down. And I have. Even in the worst times of my life, say when I’ve put a pet down, or had to hold one who was sick on my lap so they could have that comfort, I’ve been getting my words in, editing, and formatting or publishing a book. Many of those moments are in my dedications I’ve written.

Unlike many others too, I will still be sitting here writing and doing this five years from now, ten years too. See, I have been at this for over 6 years now and I feel I am still very much just starting out. I have been writing since around 18 or so, maybe earlier, but that was when I really started to write full, completed stories. Then I self-published in 2012 after researching it for a year, and two or three years researching traditional. And I have made many mistakes, changed names twice before using my real name, then finally settled in with my real name about two years ago. Maybe three. Sorry, I have a horrid memory for some things, haha.

And the thing is? I’m not going anywhere. I have a ton of finished stories sitting in drawers that I haven’t even begun to touch, still writing new ones. So my little one hour of writing and three hours of editing and the like in the afternoon? I’m doing darn well at this point. It’s not about speed or a certain number done. It’s about just moving on step-by-step, day-by-day, and taking it moment-by-moment. I haven’t quit writing, I’ve taken breaks from it. But quit? Hardly.

I have too many stories to tell.

As for Kat & Sean. I’ve been working on the re-edit of Dark Illusions: The Beginning and today she happened to remember something from the first moment she met Sean. Not only that, but she realized that even now that she’s a vampire, she still wasn’t aware of Sean in this scene because Sean didn’t want her to see him. Now what sort of ability could one possess that he not only could hide from a human, but the Queen of the Awakened? I mean, dang. We’re talking about a hyper aware woman. Natural instincts of hers to protect herself, but Sean didn’t want her to see him.

Oh . . . snap. Had a brain moment when I said that. She thought she was alone in the house before. I think she’s going to realize that she thought she was before too, but maybe Sean hasn’t been leaving her alone as she thought. He may have been stalking about this whole time, just playing with her because being in her weak state, she hasn’t had any awareness. But then as I write that (enjoying my brain clicks? lol) I also realize that if Kat knows he can do that? What now? Will she be able to adjust herself to pick up his presence though he tries to hide it? Oooo now I’m curious about that.

That is what makes Kat special. She adapts. When she was Awakened, she was the only vampire to come along in a long time who was able to combine Julian’s clan blood (Runsasi) with the blood of Cameron’s clan (Raaka) to create a whole new clan (the Queen’s clan), the Kiusaaja.  It happened because she was still close to the completion of the Awakening. She’d needed to save Julian’s life and give him her blood. So of course what did she do to save the man she loved?

Didn’t think twice about allowing him to feed, knowing full well that he may not be able to stop himself until too late. And that’s what happened. So in a way she’d had that premonition hit her as soon as she decided to save his life. So Julian had to turn around and allow her to feed off his blood. But being that she wasn’t as old and Julian, she didn’t need as much blood as him. But it was enough to change her.

Julian’s blood was the blood which truly Awakened the Queen within her. Because (spoiler alert) he was the man who hadn’t ever become King because he’d had no reason. Didn’t seek out such a position. Yet everyone really already treated him as such. And what does a King need?

A Queen.

And who knew she was born for him the moment she connected with him?


We see it the moment they meet the other in Dark Illusions: The Beginning. They just knew. It was as if they’d come home. The moment Julian & Kat met one another? They were both changed. So it was really Julian’s blood who made Kat the Queen. But it was also because Kat herself had been born an exceptional human being with empathic gifts and abilities they’d all sensed. It’s probably why the first time we see Kat in the book, she is being hunted by the Raaka and they are so damned adamant about making her one of them. They sensed it. Everyone who ever met her sensed the difference in her. It isn’t like the Awakened go around grabbing people to Awaken.

Hence Julian made rules about that and they had to always get his approval. If not for Julian, you and I would be watching our darn backs, wouldn’t we? Be having someone grabbing us just because they could. Being all, have fun being a vampire!

So what is going to happen now, Sean? Now that Kat realizes you can very much hide yourself in a way not even the others can? Is she going to adapt herself to heighten her senses just for sensing you out? And what happens if she does?

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 43,357

Ended at – 44,928

Total word count for the day – 1,571

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