Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Well, she asked for it. Literally.

So here we start to see the Queen paying attention. See I think the interesting part about Kat is that she is very playful and tends to come across as very naive. Or that she isn’t always that observant. Now I know that because both Sean and Julian know her in a way nobody else does, obviously they know she’s a lot more observant and conniving is the only word I can think of, but she’s like a shark in the business world.

Kat sees what others don’t think she does. She picks up on things people underestimate in her. And period. Even though Julian and Sean know her intimately I still believe that even they sometimes overlook Kat’s ability to really take in her environment. Is it because they’re dominating men who are just used to being in charge and seeing everything as is? Knowing what all is going on?

Who knows but them.

But I do know that even as incredibly intelligent as those two are, they still miss subtle clues that prove Kat isn’t to be underestimated. And it’s not that she does it with calculation. Saying that Kat does things in a calculated manner sort of speaks to her planning it out, figuring things ahead of time like a chess game. It also speaks to her perhaps being a lot more cruel and just not very nice, which isn’t Kat’s nature. Can she be mean? Of course. But in her heart, she has a purity in her being and love which still hasn’t left her.

That is what Sean and Julian are best at. They are business men. Julian far more and far superior obviously to Sean. I mean you don’t age to where Julian is, and have the sort of power Julian does without knowing your moves, your opponents potential moves, and having them laid out.

Julian is also never a man to underestimate. Especially in terms of how far he’ll go to keep Kat safe and to have her close.

Still. This is more so about Kat and her moves.

Take today’s little writing, more so this.

Remaining quiet for a moment, Sean took in the room. “Your senses are being affected aren’t they.”

It wasn’t a question. He was pointing that out as a fact to her, which she didn’t get why. And he sounded almost . . . annoyed that she wasn’t up to par. Kat took in the room the way he was. Was there something about this room that was a big deal? Or was he just thinking? No. Sean once more took in the headboard.

“What is this place?” Kat asked. Sean’s focus snapped back. Bingo. It was something about this room or the house itself that his mind was focused on for whatever reason.

Sean never has to say a word to Kat, but Kat–though she’s not a business man like Julian or have a specialized training like Sean–sees in Sean what Sean isn’t revealing. Any of us could look at that scene and say . . . well, obviously. But remember that we’re in Kat’s head. And as far as Sean is showing to her, it’s no big deal.

But Kat sees what isn’t told. She feels what isn’t shown. And she simply knows things people don’t believe she does. It’s always been that way. There is an intuitiveness within Kat which just knows things. She can’t always force visions, but her empathy skills were heightened when she became a vampire. And more so . . . the ability to sense what isn’t given.

Lies? Sure. But I think it’s far more than that for her. Look past those mischievous eyes. That innocent smile. Those playful actions and words. See deeper inside of her.

You’ll discover a person who was born to be the Queen of the Awakened. She is a mother. Always has been, even before she was a real mother.

What lies beneath her surface? Can she even put into words what she knows about everyone around her? She’ll know you. If you’re around her, she’ll know you in a way that not even you do. And you better pray she determines you’re okay in her book because so far anyone who has crossed her, hurt her, or otherwise been a negative impact in her world?

Has fallen victim to death. Whether by Julian’s hand, Sean’s, or circumstances that seem to befall them when she turns her beautiful eyes and back on them.

Be careful around Kat. That’s all I’m saying. Believing you have the upper hand? Even when she’s down and weak as Sean is dealing with now? Heck, even he said it. “You won’t die.”

That’s true. So be warned. Kat isn’t so easily killed. And what happens when the Queen of the Awakened is back up to speed?

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 40,024

Ended at – 41,742

Total word count for the day – 1,718

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