Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


She tried, she failed.

I think today’s writing can be summed up perfectly in the text I sent my editor just now (I let her read the scene cause she no feel good).

I love their connection. It’s like this elegant dance of seduction, lol.

That truly sums up what it’s also like to write Kat and Sean. She really tried to keep herself in check. I know she did. I am after all, in her head. 😀

But no, really. I think she was doing well overall. She underestimated that Sean hasn’t just been hanging out and acting up while he was gone. Sean has been working to better himself and in turn, he’s been getting stronger. So when Kat is faced with their connection they used to have, and then the need she has currently for blood, and Sean’s new strength?

Well, she failed. She’s in a position where she needs to rely on Sean’s help. And now she knows, he will help. What the writer knows is that it will . . . for a time. Before she needs help that not even blood will give her. But for now, in Kat’s mind and in the story, Sean is what will save her. So yes she is going to give into his demands. And what of course does Sean want when he has her alone and in his grip?

Exactly, lol.

Sean has always loved sex with Kat. And that connection they share gives him a high. Her submission to him also gives him a high. The Queen doesn’t exactly submit to anyone, save for her mate. So that too, is quite delicious to Sean I’d imagine.

Why wouldn’t he exploit that? The plan was to have her there for one week. Well, Sean manipulated another week out of the situation. He thinks he is in control, but I wonder what’s going to happen once that week is up and that second week begins where he is truly by himself with her. Right now the boys are also there (no, I won’t give more spoilers than that) so Sean and Kat aren’t completely alone. But . . . that is the thing. But what is going to happen when he’s truly alone with Kat?

Does he still think he’s going to remain in control? I personally feel like his emotions are going to sink in there. We shall see.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 34,243

Ended at – 36,565

Total word count for the day – 2,322

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