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Sean – character study

Being deeply inside of Sean’s head this week, is a tantalizing experience. I modeled him after one actor, but then later he merged into Liev Schreiber. Having been watching Ray Donovan all week has also been helping, but needless to say … it’s an experience. I didn’t realize Liev was 50 as of last year. Can we say delish?

Anyway, Sean has been interesting to develop, to learn about. He’s appeared in multiple stories/series out of the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world, and yet? And yet I still don’t really know him. He was a secondary character in the beginning. When I first wrote him, he didn’t even have a name. His first appearance in Dark Illusions: The Beginning is when he clears his throat at the very beginning. Nothing more than a shadow. Which, as I write that, it occurs to me from the knowledge I have of him now? Just hit this writer that without a plan, without any idea, I put in that clue right there, as to where his path would take him, what we’d learn about him. And to where he is at now.

I wrote a scene just now which made me ask the question of myself, as in whether I know or not, if Sean would ever try to take over. Because throughout the years, we see him gaining strength, gaining power. But he also keeps to himself. So it makes me wonder what would happen if he tried? But if he has no interest, why? Or does he?

There are so many layers to Sean. Oh yes, he has that adorable smirk he can yield against us ladies (and yes, it even works on this writer), but just what really lies beneath? How deep does that shadow side go? Will we ever know? Will I?

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