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They are an enticing pair

Ya know, as much as Kat’s heart lay with Julian, she’s a vampire and they are a stinkery little bunch. Her and Sean have a history so when I get into her head, I can feel the attraction she still holds for him. More so in her body. She loved him. Intensely for a time. The bond she has for Julian, the love. It’s there. It’s always going to be there. But her defenses are down, she’s depleted, and Sean knows how to manipulate those nerves. Besides, he’s much stronger than before. Being a vampire and an older one at that (we stiiiiiiiill don’t have his entire history) Sean possesses a unique ability (like Julian in many ways) to actually manipulate. As in, he can induce pleasure responses in Kat’s body when her natural guard is down.

It was always Julian, but one can’t deny the connection Sean and she had. So when I was writing today, there’s this underlying current you feel between them, all while they act completely cold and oblivious toward one another. Although Kat is struggling to keep herself contained since she is sick. Not sick as much as depleted, which I think Sean enjoys exploiting for his own.

But then again, as much as he acts as if he doesn’t care, read below and you’ll see something underlying that which I do. Even if Kat asked him to stop the cruelty, Sean didn’t have to stop it.

Kat reeled herself back, shifting her focus to Sean. “Really? This?” This is what she’d get after everything they’d been through? He’d treat her with such cruelty? Sean . . . she whispered within, knowing even now, he couldn’t keep her out of his head. Please. I’m in no mood for this. I’m tired. I’ll give you whatever you want. Just stop this shit.

Sean didn’t even pay attention. Jake however, eased his body closer to hers. “Someone is in need. Smells delicious.”

Kat’s head flipped back to him so fast, she whacked him in the nose. Jake smirked at her. His blue eyes sparkled with his amusement. “I’m still your Queen,” she snapped.

Jake bobbed his eyebrows. “Mmm, mine. I likie.” Suddenly Jake’s head jerked back. Sean’s hand entangled in his hair. She hadn’t even noticed Sean had moved. Even for her that was surprising.

“Yours?” Sean asked casually. The threat slipped through Kat’s nerves, weakening them.

So why bother Sean? Why bother to step in when it’s pretty obvious they knew Sean would allow them to harass her. Interesting moment that shows . . . he can’t not care. He loves her. Even now. Even after everything they’ve been through.

I think we’re going to start finding out (and seeing) that indeed, Sean gives a crap. He can’t not. It’s Kat. C’mon now. lol Also, she’s in pain. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 30,649

Ended at – 34,243

Total word count for the day – 3,594

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