Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


She about to enter the snake pit

Kitty Kat is fixing to enter the snake pit. She’s acquiesced to the demands Sean asked for. Julian went along with it, but only barely. The King doesn’t like having to share her time with Sean. He knows he has no choice in this matter.  Not because he’s “sharing” her time, as much as who it is with. Sean and Kat have history. And no matter how many times Kat assures him nothing is there, Julian had seen the intensity of Sean and Kat once upon a time. Not that it compares to her and Julian, but still . . . Julian isn’t such an easy-going type.

His love is more like ownership.  It’s not a negative thing, but it comes from Julian’s ego. He needs to protect her, and keep Kat close because that’s the intensity of his love. She blossoms under it so I don’t see her having issue with it. I can understand that. Julian’s possession comes from an extension of his love. It’s coming from a positive aspect within him to keep her safe, thereby also securing that he’d never lose her (death) because that would destroy his heart. Not just destroy, but potentially obliterate?

Not really sure any of us want to see what The Reaper would become to lose Kat. It took him enough work to finally let her into his heart, into his world. There was really no stopping it for him. But once he did, he had to secure her in his world. Kat loves it. She is similar in many ways.

If Julian lost Kat, he would lose his humanity. What little remains after all these years alone and as a death dealing vampire. Many used him for that aspect of his anger and great ability to kill. Kat is the reason he is the way he is. She worked hard to gain that love, to break down those walls within him. As hard as he worked to gain her, even if that last round was him full on forcing him into the castle and all out imprisoning her. That is all King on Julian’s part.

Then again Julian knew that was the only way to get past Kat’s defenses. Allowing her to distance herself was detrimental. Allowing her to run. Allowing her to stay away period. The more she could avoid looking at him and being around him, the more she could keep her blocks up. But being there day in and day out? Remembering their connection every moment she breathed in his scent, was around him, saw him about. He knew Kat couldn’t keep herself separate.

It worked for him. I think anyone else? Had anyone else done it to her, or had she been anyone else? Wouldn’t have worked. It’s just the way the two of them are. They understand each other with a depth we can only dream of.

But their passion? Their intensity? The entire world sees that love flourishing between them and I think it honestly changes those around them. They see what pure unadulterated and authentic love looks like. It means not giving up on the other. Being there through thick and thin. Accepting the negative with the positive. And damn well fighting for it.

So the idea that Julian has to hand her over to Sean for a week? Alone? With the same men who came between Kat and Julian once upon a time?

That is a true test for Julian I’d say. It’s beyond near impossible. Kat is sick and potentially gonna get worse unless Sean helps–if that helps. We’ll see if it does.

Love this moment. Even after all these years, their love grows stronger, bolder, more vulnerable, and to such limitless heights. Yet still . . . it grows.

They’re a beautiful couple.

Kat remembered the first time she met Julian. She adjusted herself to whisper within, I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. I felt as if I’d came home. I knew my life would never be the same.

A warm breeze blew through her with his amusement. Yes, I knew I’d have my hands full.

Kat huffed and pressed away. “You’re just mean.” She laughed and attempted to move away. Julian held her still.

He wrapped his hands around her face. “I was scared to death.”

Kat’s jaw dropped. “What?” She shook her head. “You never said anything like that to me.”

“I didn’t want you to think less of me.” Julian shifted his gaze away from her and back. “Those green eyes tore me in half and realigned my soul.”

Her heart skipped a beat. God I love this man. There are no words to express the depth of it. “Why?” How could she scare a man like him?

Julian stared deeply into her soul before explaining, “I knew if I let you in, my heart was yours for eternity.”

Granted, they also fought against so many odds to be together so that’s maybe something else I adore about them. The Queen was born for the King and he to her.

Their passion for one another is also constantly growing. It never fades. That’s a pretty special connection.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 28,431

Ended at – 30,649

Total word count for the day – 2,218

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