Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.


Now what is he up to?

Listening to the below in the background. Recently found her, and I have to say, she makes ya feel good. I’m sensitive to moon energies (the eclipses especially) so my emotions can go all over the place. I can only control them to a point. Then I found myself guided to this and was all, sure I’ll listen. No harm. At the very least, she is very calming to listen to. But I’ve benefited. Makes my head get all tingly and I turn to mush.

Found another Reiki master who was explaining that usually you only need to listen to something of this sort once a week if the person doing it is really good. Which is why you may not get any reaction from listening to these people more often. If you listen too often, you’re not benefiting since you’ve already benefited. Make sense? Either way, she’s just very relaxing and calming to listen to. Also she speaks on bettering self in between the things she’s doing so I like listening to things of that nature. Not just to better self, but I like learning.

Another person I listened to recently that really blew my mind away is below. I’m slowly progressing through his videos too. Really makes you think. I’ve been going through a lot of what he’s mentioning this past year too.

That’s potent to listen to.

On to the writing for today. Well, Sean showed all right. Buuuuut I think he has a few calculated plans up his sleeves for Kat and Julian. Although, as he pointed out, he didn’t actually get found by Julian. In truth, he set it up so that Julian could find him. He was curious about why the hunt? Not sure his reasoning.


Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 25,902

Ended at – 28,431

Total word count for the day – 2,529

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