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Now who is manipulating the Queen of the Awakened

My little writing helper here, didn’t allow momma to focus on the writing this morning. She was fine for a bit, just watching me write, but Mila hasn’t been the calmest this morning. She was a booger and a half, getting me out of bed at 6:30 am (ok technically I used to get up at that time and I’m working my way back there) to put her out. Then when I was writing, she lay on my leg, but then decided she was in desperation mode to go potty.

So again this afternoon I had to finish up word count. Still did well though so it’s all good. I was able to get some focused time by allowing Mila to go nutcase on me before I got back to work, haha. I lay on the floor and tucked my face in my hands, then she goes crazy baby on me trying to root under my neck. Let her do that for a good 15 minutes and she was WIPED when I got up. 😀 Cheats. Not that she hadn’t been outside and helping me clean, but being a puppy her energy levels are on constant GO most of the time so I wear her out as much as possible. Makes for a better behaved Doberman to deal with. And Kim is good at wearing down energy.

(Mila is only about to turn 18 months on the 17th. Can’t believe she’s still a baby. She’s 65 lbs now.)

Still waiting on word from CreateSpace. All was well until that second email, after they’d said they approved all the information I sent. Not sure why the process had to be repeated when they’d approved me unless it was a computer error. So now I’m getting a little concerned that the second email got tripped and sent on accident, but it’s going to set me back or flag my books. I sent the same information as before, linked them to the same pages on here. It’s not a concern about the copyright since I was the one who wrote the book and made the cover with free images, but a simple computer error can keep me from publishing through Amazon and CreateSpace so that’s where the concern is. Still shows “suppressed” as the status when the one who contacted me about the approval stated it would move into review.

Not much I can do until they approve me or not. I was hoping to have the paperback available by now, but there’s not much else I can do. If anyone has experienced them approving and then the system resending that verification email, please let me know. This is a first for me.

Today Kat had an interesting moment when Kober tried to see what was blocking the Queen’s visions. She became a vegetable (to put it simply) and couldn’t breathe. Now one may be like, “but she’s a vampire.” Well, yes. She is, but she’s an advanced vampire at this point. More human like. She, unlike others, does need to breathe eventually. She’s not faking it like the rest tend to. But when Kat was stuck in her vision or whatever it may have been (we won’t know until she wakes) she saw a shadow. Seemed the shadow didn’t see her, but she could see it? Hmm.

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 19,457

Ended at – 20,651

Total count for the day – 1,104


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