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So many notes to go through

I underestimate how many notes I take until I try to go through them. I was perusing the notes for my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world and it takes a good while to get through them. Even just for the final series that I’m trying to work out now.

Today I was looking through the notes for Fury of a Queen to see where I wanted to go. To remind myself of everything I’ve written. It wasn’t really too long ago that I wrote that information down, but I process so much information every day that minor things get forgotten.

And yes, reading some of those notes is an enlightening experience. So it’s refreshing my mind. Reminding me of the places to go.

I find my writing changes too compared to the way I used to work. Before, I’d avoid details and try to time leap a lot I see. Now I slow my writing down and really take that moment in their lives down. I still try to avoid detailing too much while I write simply because when I bog down in details, the writing per day slows and the story slows too much for me. In editing I’m still placing in more scene details.

But the story itself is what has slowed. I’m not trying to time leap through their lives as much as I once did. I’m also correcting the head jumping in my editing that I used to do. Back when I first began writing, I’d switch viewpoints to get a snag of information here and there. That’s not bad if one doesn’t do it quickly. Meaning one sentence back and forth. Doing over a paragraph or page worth will work in a story. But not so much a sentence per character.

So that’s something I’m working on with my editing of Dark Illusions: The Beginning. Well, it’ll be the entire series. That one book was the worst for me.
Because Julian is a busy little King and has been away from Kat, they didn’t focus too much on telling me what was going on with the Queen today. She was a little focused on the man she’s in love with, she’s mated to. She can’t help it. The man is adorable, sexy, powerful, dominant, sweet, and oh-so-delectable to her. It works in reverse too so being away from one another for even just a few hours can wreak havoc on them. Today they focused on their partnership more.

[whispers] I think Julian also used it to calm the Queen down, sensing she needed the calming medicine that was his touch.


Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 17,321

Ended at – 18,491

Total count for the day – 1,17



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