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Anora paperback got held up

The Anora paperback got held up in review by CreateSpace. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me post about that on Friday. Not a big deal. CreateSpace needed me to verify that I was the author behind the book. So on Friday, I spent the afternoon getting screenshots of the files in progress, linked them to this site on posts showing that I was writing it. They approved it, then a day later (last night) I got another of those verification emails. So I’m not sure if that one was a glitch, but I’m awaiting word on it.

I realized at that point, it’s actually good for me to mention the word counts and do those posts I’d been because that gives me that insurance. May go back to that. Trying to spend less time on Facebook, though I’m sure nobody notices. I sometimes post more when I spend less time on there, haha. Seems backwards, but it works. Biggest time saver though? I don’t go on the newsfeed. Sure, I miss a lot of friend’s posts, but I wasn’t really seeing many anyway. I’d see more page posts and not even that. Things I didn’t care about. After a bit you go, yeah. Gotta work. And the more I see posts from friends and the like, the more my brain takes in of there, and stops focusing on creating my own stories.

My creativity pops up when I stay off the newsfeed. Instagram I speed scroll through so I don’t take in as much. I may begin to unfollow a lot of quote pages on there too. Just so I can spend less time on there and reading. With their new algorithms anyway, I don’t see time sensitive stuff and it drives me nuts. So to see what I want, I need to do post notifications.

The Anora paperback should be released to publish by the end of this coming week.

As for Dark Illusions: The BeginningI’ve been doing well on the re-edit. I’m fixing to work on that again here shortly. Wanted to update this.

Been working on a secret writing project in the background, and I took a break from writing Fury of a Queen while I was. There was this idea which hit me all at once, and my friend ended up inspiring the lead character on top of that. I didn’t plan that either. It just whacked me all of a sudden. Well, I decided since the story idea hit me so hard, I’d do a disservice if I didn’t listen to that inner voice which said THIS, work on this! So I put aside Fury of a Queen so I could. Took me around one month to write the entire thing which probably topped out over 55K words.

Think that I actually needed that break. I needed that brain boost too. Got my word counts back to normal. It got me to start using the laptop again, I’ve been relaxing while I write, and that’s usually what’s worked best for the creative process for me. Sitting at the desktop can be more distracting though not much changes. I think the laptop just flows better also from the comfort, and my fingers rarely stop moving. I can type faster on it, rarely look at the keyboard, and the keys themselves fit my fingers so perfectly that I don’t suffer near as much discomfort with the laptop.

Some music that has been helping me write lately. These are all mainly Viking songlists, or ambience around that. I like them. There are more, but these are the main titles grabbing me lately.

This one below happens to be the one I sometimes listen to while I’m editing Dark Illusions: The Beginning.

One of my favorite artists on YouTube. Or period. Often listen to her music. Listening to this song now.

So to go back to mentioning words counts, I’ll list it below.

Here’s a teaser I shared on Facebook too.

Kat sighed out, “No. I wanted to know if he’d pick up on Kylarra through me. Maybe it’s just me being blocked?”

“That could make sense. If whatever is on her end is aware of you being her mother. It would make sense to block you. As a precaution if nothing else. What else?”

“I feel fear. From her Julian. Whatever is going on in her life right now, I feel . . . fear. And I don’t like it.” She huffed and got off the chair, unable to contain her angst. When she stopped by the window behind Julian she stated, “That is putting it mildly.”

Today’s word count for Fury of a Queen.

Started out at – 16,010

Ended at – 17,321

Total count for the day – 1,311

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