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Updating the Dark Illusions series

Wanted to quickly post this update. Currently I am printing out the file for Dark Illusions: The Beginning. Then I will be doing the other two in the series. I’d mentioned in one of my newsletters near the end of 2017 that I would be making 2018 the year of the paranormal romance. And I believe that I included the mention of reediting the Dark Illusions series as well. Since they were among the first books I wrote, I wanted to reedit them, perhaps detail them out better, see if there was any information that needed working out. There are new covers for these editions too. Made them last year or the year before and haven’t used them. So I will be when I do this.

Basically bring them up to the similar standards as the rest of my work. NOT to completely redo the story or anything of that nature. But there were some areas that I can remember I wanted change in the beginning, and just never have.

So what I’m thinking is that I may push back Witness to the Moon and do the Dark Illusions series. Maybe even doing one book (one book in that series, then the next) in between each of the new ones in that world that I have to work out.

Meaning Dark Illusions: The Beginning, then Witness to the Moon, then Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter, then Law of the Beast, etc. That way I can get those out while not pushing the new ones back too much.

Also, eventually (hopefully this year) I plan to do vlogs through here. You can always get first dibs on the uploads on my YouTube channel. I can’t do a fun customizable option for the name of the channel (yes, been through all the “help” options) so it’s the default garbeldegook. :p

I’m not a “gotta be perfect” person so don’t expect overtly crazy perfect vlogs from me. I prefer being ridiculous too, haha. If it makes someone laugh, I’m fine w being a dork.

Also for those who’ve never heard? Notice the name on the video for the dog? Yes, the main influence behind her name was Mila from this world. 🙂 Also Milla Jovovich the actress, but mostly my character. ❤

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