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Updates on where I’m at

I wanted to take a minute to let you know where I’m at in terms of work. These past few months – six months have been a little difficult for me mentally. I’m not going to go into it, but yeah, I’m finally feeling more myself mentally. No more waking at night with anxiety attacks, no more severe lacklusterness. The drawback of not writing for so long is that my brain doesn’t want to get going. My sleep schedule is really screwed up so I’m basically going to have to restart everything from the beginning.

First task is getting my sleep schedule back on. That is the heart of everything for me. If that’s off, I’m done. So back to getting myself to bed at 9:30 pm, waking at 6 am. Then I can get the workout in, writing in, and my day-to-day back on track. Being pushed back in my day is not good for work. I’m still getting some writing in, and editing too, it’s just I’ve gone back to a slow pace for now.

Don’t worry though. I will get back to my hyper productive state. My schedule hasn’t been pushed back. It’s just that I work best when I have many projects going. Throw more at me, and let me work it into a schedule of my own, and suddenly I’m like a little worker bee, buzzing from each flower, getting everything done.

I think that is part of what happened. I have had new things introduced and taken away all at once so the schedule was thrown up in the air. Also my Doberman puppy is finally reaching the stage where she doesn’t ALWAYS require my full attention. Still doesn’t let me put her out to use the bathroom each time without me there though. If she’d let me get away with that one, I would full on get things done. Hard to get stuff done when you’re not able to send her out by herself. A few times a day she’s able to do things outside alone without fussing. She was set back after getting spayed a few months ago though. Getting there. I train on my own too so it takes more time.

Anora was sent off to Jeanie for final thoughts. I’m about to get started in on Witness to the Moon for editing as that is next in the cue. And finally, I am (super slow, but going) making progress on Fury of a Queen.

Gone through many changes this past year, but mostly the past few months-ish. Removed lots of negative people from my life, toxic situations that were doing badly. If someone isn’t interested in healing themselves, and living a better life for themselves, there isn’t much for you to do. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Sometimes you have to let them go with love. And bettering oneself doesn’t mean being this health conscious crazy person. It can just mean trying to get healthier and being happier.

So that’s where I’m at. Things are progressing. I just haven’t been updating as much as before. 🙂

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