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News, news, and more news, including what 2018 brings with my writing

Okey. Lemme see if I can remember everything I’ve finished. This is being written up to coincide with my newsletter I sent out. That way the newsletter isn’t going to be pages upon pages long. I have a lot of news, a lot of changes happening, and bunches to note.

Preview of Under Empty Stars paperback

As I write this up, I’m waiting on the proof for Under Empty Stars to arrive. Should arrive in two weeks or less. I received the proof for Into The Midst yesterday. Just needed to alter the cover slightly (colors weren’t right) before I set it for sale. Through the CreateSpace link, it can be purchased right now. Through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, it should be a few more days before they have it listed. Feel free to check now though.

I’ve set Under Empty Stars for sale as the ebook version so check out this link – –  to find your favorite store. You can also go to your favorite retailer to find it. As with all my books lately, the price will go up one week after the “official” release date, which is November 1st. Which means on November 7th, the price will go up to $7.99. But if you purchase it right this minute, it’s only $4.99.

As you see from the mention above, I’ve gone ahead and put together the Into the Midst compilation. Past few years I’ve been wanting to do it, but everything else was taking center stage. But just in time for Halloween, it should be available on all the major retail sites. This book is only in paperback.

Into the Midst is a compilation of the majority of my short horror stories. 3 exclusive to the paperback. I’m working on removing The Shadow Files from sale, then rebrand with a new name and cover. Those are included in that compilation. There are five of them. The new titles for those five stories are:

  1. The Boy with the Lighter
  2. Story of Her Career
  3. 3 AM
  4. Family
  5. Caught in the Dark

Everything included in that compilation is here:

What else . . . I’ve been working on going through the information I have for the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. Decided that I would work on those books next (write) and finish up the entire world. Just whacked me two weeks ago that it was what I needed to do and ya know, following instincts, etc. The titles came out of nowhere, the covers worked out when I looked for images, but I encountered a major issue.

Birth of a Princess (final in the Dynasty of Moirae series) looked too similar to the final cover for that last series I’m working out now.  So . . . redid the cover. You’ll find the original cover hanging around on this site, but on the official page you’ll see the new cover. Which is this one

That one works out much better overall I think. Also fits the theme better for the entire Dynasty of Moirae series.

Which leads me into the next piece of news.

2018 will be the year of paranormal [romance]


I say that because once I’m done with Anora (the next in edits), I’ll be moving into Witness to the Moon, and then the other 3 in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. Combine that with writing the 3 in the final series within the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe, (keeping it mum for now – names and covers) then wanting to re-edit my Dark Illusions series (bring it up to a quality that matches with all my other books in that world), and I’ll be doing nothing but paranormal romance in 2018.

This past year I’ve wanted to make sure to get all my different genres out and that’s going to finalize with Anora. After that I can refocus back on my paranormal world. I may start early, or end it early in 2018, but right now it’s looking like that entire year may be paranormal.

Another piece of news is regarding my newsletter. I’ve been scaling back, cleaning, organizing, and overhauling my entire life.

One of the things on my agenda is cutting back on the amount of things I work on. It’s far easier for me to maintain my website and write these blogs than it is to do newsletters. Mentally more so, but also time. So I’m cutting back on my newsletter. I will send out a notification when I publish a book, but other updates won’t be sent out.  Sign up for blog posts on my sidebar.

I’ll be sticking with doing updates here. I may completely suspend the newsletter for a time. Haven’t completely decided on that. I still have so dang much on my plate that losing that one thing will simply give me less mental strain, not necessarily time, but the mental has been giving me problems lately so I need less clutter up there. My clue was when I started to wake in the middle of the night from anxiety attacks. Major clue that my body was all . . . DO something!

I’m a perfectionist. I work hard and put a lot of pressure on myself, but the bad part is that I’ll push myself until I burn out. This is usually the time of year I get a little quieter to reflect on changes to be made, areas I need work, and has earned me the nickname of the Phoenix from some people because of that. It’s as if I need to burn myself down to come back stronger or I go through these shifts.

These past few months have made a huge change in me and I needed to finally pull myself back to see what I needed to change. So this is where I’ll be focusing more of my attention. I’m finally feeling that mental shift in my head so that I can focus more again, but I am still working on trying to get my sleep cycle back on track. That’s a bit more challenging. And for me sleep is a huge deal. I need it. When it’s disrupted, I suffer and end up making those around me suffer in a way. Even when I end up sleeping late. I become grumpy/cranky bitch, haha. I don’t like to be that way.

I know how to get my cycle back on track, it’s just that I have outside forces that disrupt my sleep so I end up sleeping in (I hate sleeping in) because of that, then the times I go to sleep or wake get funky.

Think that’s it with regard to my writing and newsletter. I’ll probably work on Anora in fact, here in a moment.


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