Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

Updates galore – semi vaca-shee-own

Doing a ton of updates and work this week, and the next. Well, sorta. As much as I’m doing, I’m also on a semi break from work. If that makes sense.

Randomness on the side: listening to a YouTube title that caught my attention. I like TD Jakes’ vibe sometimes and I’ve been drawn into listening to sermons and religious folks lately. I just love their passion, their love of faith, and all that love which surrounds them. Joel & Victoria Osteen, as well as Joyce Meyer are the two others. Joyce less. This is the one I’m listening to right now that resonates: When it’s right, you will know it when you see it!

Second randomness on the side that goes with above: I have a family member who is actually a preacher over in Mississippi. 🙂 My mom’s third cousin? Dunno what that makes him to me, I suck at figuring out those things. I just say “cousin,” lol

First, as you’ll notice, I decided the site needed a “Fall” update. So I went to the dark side (it’s okay, there are plenty of cookies and coffee here!) and did a dramatic difference in colors. Also figured that the gray against black background would be far more forgiving to the eye than the white on black may have. My eyes are super sensitive to things so ya know. I consider how things will be seen a lot when I decorate my site.

What’s funny is that my decorating for my bedroom and the like is far different. I’d probably do something similar for a website, but the colors wouldn’t show! I like natural colors. Neutrals. Creams, browns, tans. Hints of gold and brown, or black cast iron. Then green plants too. I’m not a big color fan, hence you may not have seen anything too bright here. If you’ve followed me all these years I was a self-pubber, I have tried red, black, and white, or a purple-ish theme, but I’m just not into the bright vibrant, knock you on your feet colors for any semblance of decorating. Gives off too much of a hyped up feeling and I prefer subdued and relaxed around me.

Off topic of site an decorating, and onto the books and social networks. Yes, still on break. Takes a toll on myself to how do I say, wrangle trolls, and the negative energy that can be found on there? We all know what I’m talking about. Not in my nature. I’m gentle. I can be a ‘tude at times, or snappish if I’m getting snarky, but quiet is my nature and social networking sometimes needs to go away for me. I revert to my reserved and introverted type self during this time. Just going away from everything and everyone, I retreat. Not sure when I’ll thrust myself back in.

Onto the bookies!

I sent off Under Empty Stars to Jeanie. If you’re on my newsletter, you’ll have heard that. Not only am I working on inputting the changes from my paper manuscript of Anora to the digital manuscript, but I’m changing the sizes of my paperbacks. Trying also to get others INTO paperback that aren’t. Oddly, when I looked at my CreateSpace dashboard, there are some that I thought were in paperback, which aren’t. Like the Dark Illusions series? I thought I’d finished them all (I have the proofs on my shelf and only do when I upload it for sale), but only one shows it’s for sale. Weird. So I’m ensuring they are up in paperback.

The size change is something I wanted to do. I did a size that most do to fit in (NEVER do that!) and it hit me in the gut constantly. Anyone knows me knows I follow instinct. I listen to that tiny voice inside. When I go against it? I’m screwed. Even if it scares the bejesus outta me, I follow the gut. So I’m going back to the paperback size I wanted to, but only avoided because I was thinking, “well, everyone else prefers this size.” Well, meh. I’m not everyone else. Going with the size I wanted.

Bout it, gotta get back to my books. I did notice when I sent my computer back to factory state? Been working better. The PDF files save properly again. No more issues with that. So happy!


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