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Quiet here

Today Mila went in to get spayed. Thankfully the vet called and said all went well, but she’ll be staying overnight. He let us know that overall she is doing well and her health is great. So that was nice to hear. It’s quiet without a cumbersome one year old puppy running about though. Or as she’d be right now, sleeping behind me on the bed.

As for our snippet. I will do another from where I’m working in Under Empty Stars. I plan to send this out to Jeanie tonight. She’ll have her hands full. The book is much longer than the majority of my books have been.

Anyway, here is your snippet. Enjoy.

They sat next to each other for a few minutes in silence. Stone abruptly stiffened. Ellie’s heart leapt into her throat and lodged there. “What is it?”

“Stay here.”

Stone disappeared through the door. Ellie got up and hobbled after him. A feeling screamed move.

The familiar reverberation that came from Stone’s chest made her breath catch. Ellie barely touched her feet to the stairs leading down into the giant room where the transport and the cycles were parked. She used the railing and half slid, half fell, down the metal stairs. A loud crunch and another sound came.

The sound was unlike anything she’d ever heard before. It chilled her to the core. Outside of the ship, the ramp was open, and she saw what appeared as strictly shadow moving around.

Stone was turned enough to see her coming. “Back in the ship!” he was able to get out before his head cracked toward the side. Ellie slammed to a halt. Stone went down. Hard. The leaves raised from the ground and settled down as if a large tree had fallen.

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