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Free Friday Snippet from Under Empty Stars

The book I’m currently editing is Under Empty StarsAnd today’s snippet will come from that book.

Then there was her. The one who wouldn’t let him. Kept touching him, feeding him. Heat built inside him and he flipped the small switch upward on the console. He’d avoid focusing on her.

Needed to anyway.

Distraction. Nothing for him.

I’m dying. Then Jack’s words came back to him what if she has to die to achieve it too and he curled his fingers to a fist. Not the way it was supposed to work. She wasn’t going to die. And when they settled in and a familiar face popped up on screen, that truth revealed itself in other ways.

Maybe . . . maybe she would die.

Jack and him exchanged looks.

Nearly finished with this book. Fixing to send off to my editor as soon as I’m done with this run through. Mostly ensuring I didn’t leave sentences hanging so I’m skimming.

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