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Free Friday Snippet – Royal Blood

–About to hit publish on the Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood paperback. Currently finishing up with the proof review. Had to adjust the side title because the colors made it disappear. And the positioning of the title was a little off.

Here is link to Royal Blood paperback –

–I’ve done the first read through of Anora to refamiliarize myself with the story and soon I’ll be doing my second round of it when I try to really detail it out and correct issues while still working on the paper version.

–I’m 195 pages into the changes I’m inputting from Under Empty Stars‘ paper version to the digital. Doing fairly well at it.

And finally, here is your free Friday Snippet. Coming to you from Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood. Enjoy

“What did it make you remember?”

“Ori ordered one of his men to fix the window in Charlotte’s room.” She told him the story about the man, Charlotte’s reaction. “It was just that he was human. He didn’t ask to be some slave of Ori’s. He didn’t ask for any of it.”

“You felt responsible.”

That stopped her in her tracks. She stared at him. Well, she did. It was her fault Ori was in the castle, that she didn’t even give David a chance. It wasn’t as if the man made it so easy to believe he was the good guy in any way.

“I guess I did.”

“Don’t guess.”

She sighed in frustration. “All right, I did. I felt completely responsible. He was innocent in all of it.”

“And you didn’t think about what Ori would do, or you didn’t care?”

She leaned back to study him. He sounded angrier than the situation called for. “Why do you sound like you’re about to chastise me for being stupid?”

David could hold still no longer. Yeah, he was definitely annoyed at her, but she didn’t put the connection together. He paced in front of her. “I won’t call you stupid because you thought you were saving his life, but you could’ve been killed. Nothing but rocks surround the back of the castle, the men Ori had posted all over, they weren’t there for show.”

He stopped and gave her an admonishing stare. “Did none of that cross your mind?”

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