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Today’s Free Friday Snippet from Cessation

Taking a break from editing Sylphline Realm – Royal BloodMoving right along. Less than a hundred pages left in the book before going over it for a final perusal (quick read) and sending to Jeanie.

Forgot to post this yesterday on Friday, but still, it’s my Free Friday Snippet!

Today’s snippet comes from the first book in The Alchemist Series, Cessation.

Carter burst forth with his plans, unable to contain it any longer. And then came the request that Guerin knew would come.

Guerin clamped his hand into a fist. “No.”

Carter was undeterred. “But it’s my choice.”

Guerin stared at Carter for a long time. Even men in the political realm didn’t handle the stare he gave his son. They shifted, they fidgeted, they caved and gave Guerin whatever he wanted. He wanted that building and with little effort, he got the owner to hand it over. Right after giving him the look Carter earned now. A building which he planned to call home soon.

Well, that and the fact that Guerin bought the title right out from under the man, and also held in his hands a few photographs the man didn’t want anyone in his firm to see. He never boarded his ship. There was no possibility that Guerin would come across Markus again, or have any trouble with him later in the new world.

Carter stared right back at his father. A small grin slid over the side of his mouth. A grin he recognized well. Her look. The one that said, you’re about to lose.

Seemed he’d been teaching the boy well.

A little too well.

Love Carter’s attitude. Total cutie. Modeled in some ways after a boy I nannied for. He had a similar goober attitude. I do so love little boys.

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