Some Mila love (images and vids) – 11 months old this past Friday

Took a whole bunch of images the other day of Mila. She turned 11 months old on the 19th, which was this past Friday. I took a few videos (it’s so much easier than trying to get a picture sometimes! lol) and pictures too. Rather than simply sharing only on Instagram and Facebook, I thought I really should start posting here too. Make little albums of moments in my life. This isn’t just a “writing” blog, but a journal of my life, inspiration, thoughts, love for my pets. And I doooooo love my pets. So dang much.

And in case you’ve never heard. Yes, the two actresses with familiar first names were thought of when I named her (especially Milla Jovovich), but the instant I saw this face, I just knew: Mila the Rebel. And the main inspiration was Mila from my Enchanting the Moon series because she’s strong, kind, and so loving. Also . . . an enchantress. ;p

11 months old!


I laugh every time I watch the below one. Her ears are so entertaining!


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