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Deep edits beginning & free Friday snippet!

Yipperdoodles! Jeanie sent me Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood last night as she said she would. It was too late for me to really start in on it. I may not get much work done today either. I’m working on the paperback for Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice which also happens to be where this snippet comes from. I can’t snippet ya from Mitosis because there is nowhere right now which doesn’t have spoilers. I may not be able to snippet much from this book. If that’s the case, my snippets will come from books I already have out.

“Face it, neither of you can keep me constrained if I don’t want to be kept. I’m more intelligent than either of you considered. I’m also a fast learner. Take note of where I stand. What’s to stop me from leaving? Nothing.” Kennedy took in the two men next to Ori who appeared ready to grab her.

Ori raised his hands out to his sides. “These men are trained in battle. You overestimate yourself.”

She held her ground. “Do I? Not long ago I was human, but I wasn’t a human who sat around and twiddled her thumbs all day. Granted, battle I don’t know. I know enough. I know stamina beats strength. Seems that energy serves me well. The day I learned about my wings, I was in pain. Extreme pain. I was lucky to get away from him.” She nodded toward Dale. “I’m a fast learner. They are trained in battle. I don’t deny that, but they are built for a fight, but how about a race? I don’t need to be that fast. I only need to be fast enough. The King’s Guard will come the second I call.”

And don’t forget! You can still get the ebook for Sylphline Realm – Royal Blood for free by watching this video and answering the question I pose. I’ll link you to the video I did for my newsletter subscribers since I got the books right in that video, haha.

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