Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

[video] Want to get Royal Blood for free?

I feel bad for Cody. She’s suffering a lot of head issues from all the chemicals she’d drank before the explosion happened at the end of Cessation. She’s been knocked unconscious AND has issues with chemicals in the brain? Now that’s a load of fun, yeah?

Okay, today I am happy to announce that Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice has been officially released!

[pause for happy dorky dance]

Okay, moving on.

By now you’re wondering what that title was about. Well, I thought about how you could get a chance to get the second book, Royal Blood for free.

Watch the video below that I recorded last minute to figure out how. I apologize for how raw it is. It really WAS freakin last minute. Oh! I freaking forgot too. You have ONE WEEK to answer. I’m so damn tired today. The price for Crown of Ice is only $4.99 right now. This offer expires on May 8th.

Note – When I say get Crown of Ice when it releases at 50 seconds in, I mean Royal Blood. Sorry, lol. This is a chance to earn ROYAL BLOOD for free when it releases. Crown of Ice is the book the answer is in. 

Again – offer for getting Royal Blood for free expires May 8th.

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