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Doing well so far & Free Friday Snippet

Today I put in a very decent 2,120 words in Mitosis. I’m very pleased with that.  The story is flowing really well so far. I’m hoping that it’ll continue. Cody is struggling with her memories, but I think it has more to do with the chemicals she was drinking beforehand, than being knocked out.

Here is your snippet for today.

Sandy covered feet sunk into the sand in front of her. The feet had lost the shoes they’d worn, lost the socks as well. Or had been cast aside. But she recognized those feet. She felt she did. Or did she? It was like déjà vu swimming through her. Maybe she’d seen them before somehow. Had she?

The hem of the jeans on the wearer were soaked through, and they hung over the foot. To the point she knew they were jeans not belonging to the wearer. That was confirmed when she raised her head and found they seemed a size, or a few really, too big. A big t-shirt flopped around the body of the person and when she met their eyes, Cody’s lips parted and the air rushed out.

Her world swayed and out she went with an, “oh god.”

Also, I’ve been forgetting to do it so the next post after this will be the first chapter of Sylphline Realm – Crown of Ice. Usually I do it early, but it’s slipped my mind until last night. Huge apologies for that.

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