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Off to a good start

Mitosis is off to a good start so far. My only plan when I went into it was the first scene in my head. And really, I didn’t even use what I originally planned on.

I knew Cody would wake up on the beach with no idea how she got there. That is the same as the beginning of Cessation where the story opens with her on the promenade and no clue how she got there. Only I didn’t have her wake up. The book ends up opening just like Cessation.

We are introduced to Cody on the beach with no idea how she got there.

Where the hell am I? What happened?

Cody stood on a sandy beach, her jeans soaked through and covered in sand, as well as the t-shirt she had on. The cold wind whipped her hair around her face, slicing a path across her back. She peered over her shoulder, tugged the fabric, and saw the patches of missing fabric. The edges burnt from fire. Her skin shone bright pink through the patches.

That’s the very beginning so far. So like Cessation, we’re set to see the same. She’s got no idea why she is where she is.

Excited to find out where this is going since already it’s changed course, but in a good way.

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