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#FreebieFriday – Current WIP – Birth of a Princess

In my newsletter every Friday, I have been sharing snippets of my current writing project. Thought I’d give this a try for a while. I like to mix things up, so I don’t know if this is a permanent thing, but I keep trying to blog a bit more so here is yet another thing to try. This’ll cut back on how much I have to include in the newsletter, how long it takes me, and allow more people to sample my work.

Side note: I do so love Kylarra.

~ Birth of a Princess ~

Intro to scene: Since Verrick is out of town, Kylarra went out to try and clear her mind. Didn’t work to get Verrick off her mind. And now she encounters these two when she heads back home?

“Heard it.” Jobren said, then practically purred, “May just want to see it for myself.”

“After all,” Jorin flowed smoothly into Jobren’s sentence—definite damn twins, “Verrick seems to be missing, doesn’t he?”

“We could have a little fun with you,” Jobren added as he stepped closer, refusing to listen to her.

Kylarra huffed. Arrogance. Typical. Why was it that because she looked so young, many of these older men actually believed they could treat her like a goddamned toy? As if honestly the only thing between them and her . . . was Verrick? Fine, if he were here he wouldn’t hesitate to claim what rightfully belonged to him, but he wasn’t. And when he wasn’t, she didn’t really need him to survive.

Like a wave slowly building in strength, she felt her temper reaching a crescendo and building in power. The heat crept from her toes to her head, spilling out of her mouth.

“One more step, Jobren,” she warned.

♦ ♦ ♦


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