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Crown of Ice gone!

Sent off Crown of Ice to my editor on Friday, as I said I would. Today I’m beginning to input edits for Royal Blood, which is the second in the series. Technically in this particular series, they are one book separated into two. I ended up thinking I’d keep it as one book, but I’d reached halfway through the second book when it occurred to me that I needed to split it into two.

So in Crown of Ice there is a continuation marker into number 2. In some series I do have the books abruptly end and the next picks up where the last left off, but this one is really an abrupt ending. Some readers I get may not like it, but that’s partly why I will be working OT on this one to make sure that number two gets published as quickly as it can. I’m trying a new process with my editing that I hope makes it go a little quicker. Not to sacrifice the quality of the edit, but maybe even to make it better.

That’s always my plan. Improve the editing while finding a way to speed it up. I don’t like using that word. To someone else it may mean make the process speed up and sacrifice the quality. I only mean to help the process take less time to achieve. Even if it means some days that I work when normally I would take the time off. Like Sundays. Or working an extra hour on some days. It’s far too easy to abuse that word: speed. It implies a lack of caring and trying to hurry up, rushing, just for the sake of rushing. I never intend it that way.

So today, we’ve begun work on inputting edits for this beauty –

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