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Celebratory post

Since this is a big milestone for Mila, I thought I would brag on her here. I plan to post it on the forum I’m on too for Dobers, but here first. Why is this picture below such a big deal? Because she is STANDING by the vacuum as it’s running! Woohoo!!

My apologies for the blur and weirdness, the vacuum was running and I was attempting to do the shot quickly. I didn’t even plan to take one, but I thought instead of just SAYING she was able to be around the vacuum, walk around it, and not sit in a corner and howl bloody murder when it was turned on, that a shot would be best.

My brother asked if I’d run the vacuum through his room and over his oxygen machine (keeps the filter clean and running smoothly) while he was at the docs so I had Mila in the room with me. She typically would sit in a corner and scream and howl (yes, scream – sounds like a little human girl) to stay away from the vacuum.

Why also is this a big deal? Dobermans I’m learning, are big ol’ babies and afraid of nearly everything when young, haha. When I joined the forum I’m on, I’d seen people talk about their dogs being afraid of signs, wind, rain, etc., and I took it lightly. I don’t really remember having a dog who was afraid of so much. Even as a pup.

Then . . . I got Mila.



She isn’t as bad as some, granted. But we’ve gone through a lot with her. Rain was a “what in the heck IS this stuff” more than straight fear. Bags being shaken out were fright invoking. Right now it is the baby gate we use in the kitchen, but that came after she slipped and hit it then it fell on her. Poor girl. All the dogs have gone through that one so it’s not just her. Even the kitchen floor was a freak fest for a time because her feet don’t grip it so well and can slip and slide if she’s not relaxed when walking through there. That alone can freak her out.

She was shipped up here from California (long story as to why we finally went that route though we really didn’t want to) so anything remotely airplane-ish brought her back into that fearful state of mind. We’re still working with the mower since that also has the gas scent? Well that and I didn’t have too many times I could use it around her before Winter set in. This Christmas my brother got me a new rolling vac (Dyson Animal) because I hate uprights with a vengeance. I’ve had far too many hit me in the head when I’m working, or they’re so damn heavy and ridiculous to deal with. This one is a bagless vac too. It’s a lot quieter than most vacs because I can talk over it and hear pretty well too. But it still makes that vrrroooooooooo sound that invokes fear in Mila.

And today she conquered that fear!

I’m super proud of her. She’ll be 9 months on Sunday (March 19th, 2017). It’s a big accomplishment for her.

And I thought I’d brag. 🙂

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