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What do you want?

I’ve been chatting with my editor this morning about short stories. And missing scenes, things I haven’t included in my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe world. I really would like to have more short stories and share missing scenes, but there is so much in my head that it’s hard to really work out. My editor put it best in her text to me this morning. It’s difficult when you have a vast world with a lot going on. It should be easy to find something because there is a lot there. But it’s not because then you feel like someone may not understand what’s going on in a certain situation without the character information and background from the story. Certain pertinent details that you’d have to rehash. Then there comes the worry of it not standing alone and if the main story arc will make sense because of this new information, or if then the main story has to be changed to fit with that information. As in, did it tie into the series/world as a whole. At least enough to make sense.


I want you to help me and be my compass. Make this part a bit more interactive.

My question to you. WHAT do you want more of? I need a rallying point for all these ideas. A place to jump from. A zeroing in, target, something. I’m not asking for ideas for a story or anything like that.

I’m asking what character you’d like to know a question about, a scene you’d wished were more detailed out and I hadn’t closed the door on. A question you had in one of the series, or a past event that was mentioned but never really dealt with.

This can be any book, any series, any world. 

If you’d like The Guardian of Life series, go ahead and use that. A character profile on someone. My focus in this area was based solely for Dark Moon Dynasty Universe but this question and your questions apply to literally any story I have. Even if it was one of the shorts. Those I may not have anything to provide, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to ask or share.

By you giving up whatever you’d love more of, it’ll help me to zero in on an area that I can spend my quality time on, rather than work on a place where nobody cares. If you won’t read it right now, but want something else, I’d rather with these little short stories and such, focus on the places you want me to go. My novels are my own. They are what I want to write. But I’d like to write these shorts more for you and what you seek. If that makes sense.

In the comments below, tell me what you want. 🙂

And bystanders who haven’t read my books: I know you mean well, but this is strictly a fan based question. If you’ve never read my books and have no clue about my characters, this question isn’t for you. It’s strictly for the people who’ve read my books.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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