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Life & Death

There is life.

There is death.

Some survive, while others don’t.

There is no real mystical reason, but maybe there is. Who am I to say?

Life takes. Life gives.

One plant dies so another can grow in its place. You lose so you can grow. It’s nothing but a cycle. A renewal. A pattern.

It’s painful for us to lose someone or something because we are faced with our mortality. Forced to see life does not last. We realize then that we can suffer loss. There is no permanence in life. How else would we embrace the good, and see how fortunate we are, if we did not suffer the bad?

Wisdom is not learned, it’s grown.

It hurts because we care, we love. It would never hurt, if we did not feel. Grief is only a doorway from one to another. A bridge if you will. A transition. From naivety to enlightenment.

To wisdom.

It’s a necessary part of life to go through an experience such as that. But to care means you’re still alive, there’s still hope. Hope gives life. Without hope we’d all be dead. Some of us face the pain over and over again until we learn. The greatest among us, the ones who’ll give the most, and have the most to give up of themselves will suffer the greatest.

What’s that old saying? A hero isn’t born. They’re made.

We suffer so we learn to live.

Until we want to leave the misery, we will suffer. Grief isn’t permanent. It’s temporary. Yet another life lesson we must deal with. Time is the only healing power we have.

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