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Who wants a huge bundle of free books?

I set up a Speculative Fiction Giveaway, focusing on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror earlier this month. And it’s officially live.

I’m making this post early in case I get too busy and I forget to share it. So far as of this post there are 79 books to choose from!

All you have to do is click the image below and head over to the page for the giveaway. I’m very excited about this because there are full novels, samples, graphic novels, and just a whole bunch of great reading material. As a bonus, I included the writer’s website so that if you can’t catch the novel up on Instafreebie, you can still find them on their site after the giveaway is over. Or heck, you could just go see them after downloading the book. My own Hope of the Future is available as well.

So head on over there now, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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