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Where to go from here

Just type end on Law of The Beast. Just about 2.5 months it took me. Woohoo! Would’ve been faster I think, but I had so many days with only a few hundred words. Ended this one at 75K and some change. I guarantee (as usual) in edits this will go way above that.

Now . . . whether to write the final book in this series (unnamed still), the book that follows Cessation, oooorrrrr a whole new book. Decisions, decisions. I’m leaning toward the 3rd and final book in the Dynasty of Moirae series, which means I can finish out the 3 series (Dark Illusions, Enchanting The Moon, Dynasty of Moirae), and go onto the 4th and final series in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. That one is also still unnamed. It has universe in the title. That much I know! lol

I feel like I should just work on this final one in the series because if I don’t, it’s going to be haunting me the entire time I’m trying to work on something else. When I’m done with THAT one, I’ll probably take a break from this World.

I think it’ll be a good time to finish up the short erotic story that I have attached to the Dynasty of Moirae series. It was spurred by this scene in Law of the Beast where Verrick’s pack paid a little too much attention to Mila. I kept thinking . . . what would happen if they did that . . . but kept it up? How would a pack like that “hunt” a female who may be within reach? And then it spurred on a side story. I told Jeanie, my editor, I may end up also doing a lot of other side stories like that (not erotica maybe, dunno) of that very same town. Lycaen Ridge is werewolf territory and what better way to really bring that story to life than some side stories?

This week I’ll finish that story. Maybe it will also help me pick out more things for the next in the Dynasty of Moirae series. I really need a good name for that one.

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