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Interesting story idea

Normally I don’t share story ideas, but I found this one far too interesting not to. And to go along with the Story Creation Magic series I’ve been writing/sharing, I thought it’d be interesting for you to see the sort of things I get which end up in my files. Later on if I need a story idea, I’ll pursue this, expand it, and figure out what in the heck it means.

I had a dream last night in my last bit of sleep before I got up for the day, which came out of nowhere. I didn’t see anything about werewolves or read about them recently. Other than Law of The Beast, but that was too early in the day I think to get into my dreams.

The dream was people being diverted from a highway of sorts. Some were told to go this way, then another way, separating into groups. MY POV was the girl below and I felt she wasn’t yet a full on beast (whatever SHE was), but getting there, or about to change. While with the group she followed, they got reports of the other group being completely torn apart and ravaged, which led them into a fearful panic. I don’t remember much else.

Here’s what came from the dream. I just wrote it five minutes ago. Haven’t had any interest in doing a 1st person POV so that’s curious that it came out that way.

We thought we were the only ones. For years they’d separated us, hunted us, split us up. So eventually we grew used to being on our own.

Doesn’t seem like that was enough. I’ve heard about bad things happening lately. It seems that now they’ve turned our own against us. Breeding pure animal instincts into our kind as if we weren’t animal enough. Setting them loose on us. So then when we find one, we take them in, only to have them slaughter the entire group. Removing once more, our little hope we have left of a future.

Werewolves. Right now they are attempting to destroy all the werewolves. I don’t know which way to go. Where it’s safer for me. Do I go where I’ve been assigned? Or do I stick with my friends, and the ones I know? I take the first as a good little soon-to-be should do. But at the last minute, too late for them to stop me, I divert. I rush ahead to be with the people I’m familiar with. Don’t even know why, really. An instinct inside said, do it. Get out of here.

So I listened.

Only to discover from word-of-mouth, that everyone in the group I’d been assigned to . . . were slaughtered.

And now they’re headed for us.


My name is Calyah. And this is my story. If you find this I pray for you. Pray for your family, for your safety. We’re trying to build. Trying to multiply, but they want us dead. We don’t even know why. What did we do? Never harmed them. Never said we would. Didn’t cross the lines. They did.

They made us.

And now they’re killing us.

For sport?

Or because they know something we don’t?

What do you think? Does that sound interesting? I think so. It’ll be going into my files.

By the way, if this inspires something in you that you want to pursue? Tell me about it! I may not touch this again, but I’d love to hear if it inspired something for you. Maybe I’ll use this in my story creation magic series, as a starting point for playing around with. We’ll see. I may grab a few different ideas I’ve had to use for that.



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4 responses to “Interesting story idea”

  1. Hi Kim,

    Have you given any thought to putting all these posts together as sort of a compilation? Seems like a good idea to me and I would help get them out there in the media sphere 🙂

    Happy holidays! And hope that your brother is feeling better.



  2. Hey Kim,
    When I read the werewolf separation of groups idea, the first thing that popped into my head was what if the little girl is a werecat? You know cats vs dogs? I could see wolves breeding werecats for blood sport, like to hunt or fight them for prizes? Anyway, think on it if you like it.

    Liked by 1 person

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