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(Ky & Verrick) Volatile relationship? Check.

There has been a lot of tension between Kylarra and Verrick in the beginning of Law of the Beast. They are both having to come to terms with being “together” in a sort of official capacity. The thing with Kylarra however? She’d been physically caged and chained by an ex of hers. The only man she ever was with in a relationship before Verrick so trusting another man like that can leave her reeling. It’s difficult to say the least. Verrick runs by the old laws of their kind. Not the old, but the ancient and archaic. So for him, she should submit and obey his word. She is a woman after all. That feeling you get from reading that statement? Exactly what Kylarra is facing. The “how dare you!” “How dare he think for one minute, she has to bow to his every command.” She does have reasons from her past (she knows nothing about . . . yet) that also contribute to her having problems with feelings like that.

Verrick has been through his own pain. It’s not any easier for him. Verrick was beaten by his father. His mother abandoned him (in some ways he believes that even though she died), he’s never wanted anyone but Ky despite all the women he’s been through. So to have her there, to have held this idea in his head and now have to somehow deal with the reality of it? He’s not exactly able to let go and simply “relax” into a Claiming (pairing for the Lycaens) much easier than Ky. He’s not so good with compromising. He was raised to take, to demand, to force. That’s how he achieved things. Well, Ky isn’t that sort of woman. You work with her, or she rebels.

Only with these two? As volatile as their relationship is, and as dysfunctional? Their bedroom relationship can be just as explosive, which is in fact why these two are so perfectly paired (I think they know that deep down.) Well, they are werewolves. They are far more too. Ky has her “extras” as does Verrick – no spoilers. I mean that’s a lot of claws and aggression that’s been built up. All their lives they’ve been wanting each other, kept from one another, purposely stayed away from one another, and now? That’s been shoved into a house where they can do whatever they want. Is it getting hot in here to anyone else?

They have a bit of work to do, I know. The below songs have been helping me through their “transition” we’ll call it. Let’s hope the house survives after all this.


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