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What is a particle?

In Cessastionthere is a bit of information regarding the laboratory Cody works in. Within that lab is a new microscope which is to be a futuristic version of the ones we have. The user of the microscope gets a 3D image of the item they are looking at. Sort of like an x-ray machine, they can see into the item, but not like an x-ray machine, it’s entirely up to the user too see inside of it, break it down to the most basic form of what makes the item the item.

Let’s say I want to study what is inside a strand of hair (something I used to love looking at in my dad’s microscope). On this microscope that she uses, she’d place the hair on the stage. Then the image would be projected above (no need for looking into an eye piece, or seeing it on a screen nearby) the machine. I mean that in literal terms. The hair strand would become much larger, and so lifelike that as Cody wishes, she could grab the strand, turn it upside down, around, horizontal, vertical, and to go a step further, she can grab hold of the strand and pull it apart to break it down into the particles that make up the strand.

Rather than go into details about that, this is a good article on hair. All I wish to explain on this blog is that with this machine, that hair strand could break down and she’d be able to see what components are in that strand of hair, and to what ratio. Do you need more protein in your hair? Is it lacking? That sort of thing.

I admit, I decided for the sake of the story, to leave the science in the most basic and simplistic manner while still being a little technical. I didn’t want that a major part of the story because it isn’t. It’s a seasoning. Like too much salt, it’d make you wince. I didn’t want this a “science” manual. Or a science book. I wanted a story. Pure and simple. Too much explanation would just rip you right out of the tale.

However, because I mention in the story that this machine can break down the particles, here is an interesting piece on particles – What is a particle?



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