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I don’t like your candidate. Here’s why it doesn’t matter. 

For whatever reason I had a random comment show up on my website saying, “Why are you a Trump supporter? You see like such an intelligent person, and he is such a horrible, evil man.” Best part is that it made me think about everything I’ve seen.

The underlying impression being of course that if I support Trump, something is wrong with me, and I’m clearly stupid.

  1. Nice to know I am. Wasn’t aware I was supporting him. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. No matter WHO someone votes for, or supports? Their intelligence stays the same.

Here’s the thing. We vote for who fits us. Either we are loyal to the party, or we research  the person and choose who “says” they will implement what we want seen brought to life. Or it’s a personal reason. We just like them. Maybe we even choose to vote for a lesser evil.

Whatever the reason? We don’t drop intelligence. It’s a personal decision, a preference. You may like chocolate ice cream, I may like vanilla. You may like Red, I may like Green. You may vote for Clinton, I may vote for another.

Does that mean people are perfect? Nah. Does that mean trash someone for having a different viewpoint which changes who they wish to vote for? Nah. Do we want to live in a carbon copy society? Well . . . I sure don’t. My thoughts and feelings toward you? Still the same no matter who you vote for. I can disagree with your choice, even shake my head, and I stiiiiilll think you’re an interesting and intelligent friend of mine. Here’s the best part. If my mom shares her love of Trump? I’ll like her post. If a friend posts a blog about Trump, Clinton, Stein, or Johnson, and they are well written? I’ll like it, comment on it. I’ll support the person behind the post, not the candidate. Because that is what good people do. We don’t trash someone for their candidate.

The biggest thing that I have seen come from all of this is the vitriol. I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning how it’s Trump spreading hate. The thing? I’ve seen more supporters of Clinton calling trump voters stupid. I’ve seen more hate coming from anti-Trump people than anywhere else. Say what you will, believe what you will, but what I’ve found is that he’s your perfect excuse. That’s what I said. Trump isn’t responsible for other people. I know this. I’ve been around people who others believed I was responsible for. They made me responsible for that person.

I am responsible for me. What someone else does? Unless they came from my womb, I bear no responsibility. Using another person is an excuse. The hate has been there and you’ve wanted (and been waiting) for the trigger to expose it. This goes to a lot of what I’ve been seeing that has nothing to do with politics at all.

It’s sort of like that person who says their parent/brother/sister/whathaveyou no longer gets under their skin. They moved away and now they are all hunky dory. Oh yeah? What happens when you go to visit that person? When you think about that person? When someone acts just like that person? It gets under the skin and if we haven’t truly dealt with it? We can get riled beyond belief. I have my triggers. I’m not immune. I’m a little more self-aware and self-correcting than many I know, but that doesn’t mean something can’t get under my skin.

When we attempt to use Trump, Clinton, Johnson, or Stein as an excuse for our anger? It’s just that. An excuse. They aren’t responsible for our actions. The current President isn’t, the former Presidents. We are all responsible for our actions. How we treat another person is up to us. If you vote Trump, if you vote Clinton, or any other person, I will not attack you. If you attack me, I may well defend myself, but I will attempt to use a mature defense. Not resorting to calling you a name. I reserve the right to be sarcastic. Which in itself isn’t appropriate either, but that one is a little harder habit for me to break.

The hate has been there. The hate has been waiting. We all have it in us. The anger, the evil. There’s nothing being exposed. The only thing happening is that people have stopped dealing with their own emotions and have decided to just scream it out. It’s been building within each of us (you may not be that person, I am not either, but look around: they are out there) and has finally found an outlet.

If you want to say this election has exposed something, I think it’s this: people are finally letting down their guard. They are not happy. They are not relaxed and calm as they’ve made it seem. They are tired. They are finally venting. The anger has found a release. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with the election.

On social networks I think people are finally finding out which ones can truly be friends with people who are different, and who have to hide others and want to unfriend or unfollow them to get the “strangers” out of their life. The social fad has switched gears and a global cleansing is in place.

Not for yours truly. My door is still open. As long as you’re respectful, I’ll still be around being cheerful and uplifting. I do get tired of the hate spewing like everyone else, but then I just ignore it and move on. I can’t change another person. I’m not responsible for another person. I’m responsible for me, and the energy I share with you. I want that to be a good thing.

Maybe I’ve just been venting for so long that I’ve dealt with most of my demons so a lot of the triggers happening to others? Only makes me shake my head and go about my day. Maybe I’ve been around this type of hate my whole life so it’s not as “new” to me.

Be well.

Don’t let what others are screaming about bring down your day. Take a deep breath, disconnect, and go read a book. Take a hot bath. Realize that this moment where you are? That is what is real. That’s what you should focus on. Breathe hate and loss, bring it about. Breathe love, relaxation and prosperity, bring it about. It’s not about seeing life through rose tinted glasses. It’s about choosing to surround yourself with happiness. Whatever it means for you. How does yelling at another person, or hating on another person make your day better? Does it? It sure wouldn’t make my day brighter.

What makes my day brighter? Watching my dogs playing. Laughing. Smiling. Being loved, loving others. Writing. Playing. Making someone smile. Cooking dinner for others. That is what I focus on. The rest? It does me no good. Find your happy place and live there. Not in this world of hatred. It’ll do nobody good. Your family and friends want you happy and relaxed not so tightly wound that you’re miserable. Being angry won’t bring anything good your way, it’ll spread to those around you and propagate. Now think about what the opposite would achieve.

I choose that.

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