Thoughts on the story – Claiming the Enchantress and the end

Nearing the end of Claiming the Enchantress.

Wow. If I finish this novel before Nov 7th, it’ll be two months it took me to finish. So working on Saturday bumped me up from 2.5 – 3 months to finish a novel to only 2 months. And my numbers haven’t been as large as the previous story I wrote. I was doing 3K days with Under Empty Stars. Granted, I will probably finish this one in only the 70K range (whereas UES was right below 100K), but in edits I’m sure it’ll bump up because in a lot of areas I purposely was a little bland. I WANT to be able to really input a lot more in editing for this particular story.

The reason a lot of the scenes were bland was because I rushed into it. I knew Point A – Point B, but there was a lot there that was in the middle of it, which I wanted to build up. Details and the like. Only issue? I knew that I couldn’t do it until I knew the whole story. Couldn’t know the whole story until I finished writing this book. So you can see my conundrum.

I’m glad I did it this way because now I know the story, but it’s opened up a lot of scenes I want to do in the 2nd and 3rd books in the Dynasty of Moirae series. Kylarra’s got two more stories to finish herself. And that I think will be what I work on next. Maybe. I have other stories prickling my head. Especially one that’s in my head right now. Lead male inspiration is Goran Visnjic because, yes.

I know the next story in Kylarra’s series will be called, Law of The Beast. Not sure about the third. I have a potential cover idea being piddled with it too. I’ll start outlining ideas for that story. Seems to help me write a bit easier every day when I get a “sort” of idea about the story. I’m somewhere between a pantser and outliner.

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