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Editing Cessation

 Editing of Cessation is going well. Slow, but all right. Worst part of editing for me I think is this one. Inputting the edits from the paper file to the digital. Lots of work. Slow going. I tend to get bored and want to wander during this phase.

Here is a snippet of the area I’m working on.

Silence settled in.

Deep, still, the silence of lives changing.

Of reality hitting home. This was really happening.

Just yesterday it seemed they were planning their child’s birthday, or a friend’s wedding. Just yesterday there seemed a million tomorrows to say, “I love you.” Or tell your crush you liked them. Just yesterday it seemed they were asking their partner to pick up the milk when they came home from work, or they were taking the dog to the park.

Just yesterday they were so concerned with the book report that was due, which may or may not fail them. The project at work that may or may not get them fired. That would make or break the deal. Just yesterday it was so important not to miss the “big game,” or the vet appointment.


When now the game wouldn’t come, the vet was gone, the job, the school, the pets, the children, and family too. Just yesterday there were laughs, and now . . . there was alone. Silence. The dawning of all that would never be, the reality of what was truly important to each one of them. The finality of it all sunk in.

What would the new tomorrow look like?


Word count I started the day with: 7,273

Word count I ended the day with: 9,607

Total for the day: 2,334 words



Question of the Day:
What do you do to make yourself look and feel good?


*the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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