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Began again

 Okay! Finally back to it. Blogging, that is. I’ve had to take two weeks or whatever it was off because of something that came up. I was beyond tired and didn’t want to deal with blogging my word count, or discussing the book while I was incredibly tired.

Below is still Under Empty Stars for now. I finished the book last week so I’m leaving it up today, maybe tomorrow too, then taking it down soon.

I started the third book in my Enchanting the Moon series. This is a branch off my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. The book follows Don’t Go Far (#1) and Witness to the Moon (#2). The title for this one is: Claiming the Enchantress (#3). I’ll be making a page for it shortly. This week hopefully. Gotta finish the cover for this book. When I do, it’ll be used on this post. So I’m now working on a Paranormal Romance again. My enchantress is taking a more active role in the Lycaen community in this book. Or they are her.

I’m doing a chapter from one POV, then switching to the next. Not too odd, but I’m showing what each person is going through at the exact time. Not always what I’ve done before. The story calls for it though. I’m listening to that. Only the way I’m implementing it is that I wrote the female lead POV for a few chapters in, and now I’ve gone back and I’m working out the male lead’s POV chapters in between those ones.

I also updated the site colors and images to work with my new editing project, Cessation.


Word count I started the day with: ?

Word count I ended the day with: 7,273

Total for the day: 1,450 words



Question of the Day:
What image or metaphor would best describe your life? A race, a circus, or something else?


*the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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