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Eet’s meh 36th birthday

I’m so wiped. Had a tummy ache today this morning, which is always exhausting. On top of that, I’ve been trying to build a tall arbor for a climbing rose, not a wide one, so I’ve been digging posts a lot. Well, it’s one post, but I’ve had to dig multiple holes for it, haha. At first my idea was to use the post as a placement for the trellis, but then I realized that the end of the porch there is at a sort of angle. So when I make it straight out from the porch, it looked wonky.

Then I used the trellis as placement for the post, instead. Also I angled the post because there is a patch of moss on the post and I liked that little bit of green showing. It’s not going to hurt the post, it’s a dry moss, not thick patch of moistness, so I left it.

I’ll take pictures of it when done.

I also realized that while I wait for the rose to get big enough to grow and fill IN the trellis area, I can add a small pot to the top of the post, and the end of the trellis. I’ll secure it, then plant some periwinkle in it to cascade down the post. Watering it will be fun though, haha. (Post is higher than I am.)

My plan is to make that little area a nice little garden area at the end of our porch.



Word count I started Friday with: 55,761

Word count I ended Monday with: 57,681

Total for the day: 1,920 words



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