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Good amount of words

New planet, new things to explore. Well the planet isn’t new to us, since it’s Earth as we know it (though in the future), but my character Ellie has never been to Earth. She was born on Eli’ane, which is much like Mars to us in many ways.

I get to find the balance between describing what the reader already knows is true, versus what is new to the character. Also, the Earth in this book is much longer into the future than we are at here, but the house that they are about to meet up in is old tech. Because the person who owns it wanted to keep it as such. When I describe the house, I need to be sure to point out that fact. That way my reader will know the house is in fact “vintage” when it really is a current 2016 style of house to us.

Which means lots of fun! 🙂


Word count I started Friday with: 46,741

Word count I ended Monday with: 48,882

Total for the day: 2,141 words



Question of the Day:
How young is too young for a tattoo? Would surviving a deadly disease make a difference?


*the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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