Halfway through UES so thoughts are on next to write

Hard to get writing in this morning. The dogs kept barking because my mother got up. Lucy sleeps with her and my mom has trained Lucy that when they get up, Lucy should bark down the hall to get Kona up to play with. I have to be the bad guy and correct the behavior.

The Dark Moon Dynasty Universe has been in my head a lot the past few days, especially for the book after Witness to the Moon. I think I’ll be writing that one next. Not sure of the title for it yet, but I’ll figure it out as soon as I determine it will be the next I write. Since I’m halfway done with Under Empty Stars I’ll be giving that next book I write some thought.


Word count I started the day with: 40,837

Word count I ended the day with: 42,400

Total for the day: 1,563 words



Question of the Day:
What is under your bed right now?


*the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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