Beware the hellhounds who lurk in the shadows for they are so hungry, and you are so tasty.

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Slug butt today

I feel pretty out of it today and I’m not sure why. I think it’s stress catching up. Been dealing with a lot of people down my back all at once. Normally it’s not as bad, but I swear nearly everyone I’ve dealt with in a personal way the past few days I have been stressed from the interaction. Needless to say I look it too, haha. I’m just worn out.

Watched the pilot episode of Animal Kingdom today. TV show that features Scott Speedman. It was . . . interesting. Enough that I’ll continue to check it out. I’m not caught up on Orphan Black by far, haha. I am just into the season we’re on (4th, I think) so at least I’ve caught up to near recent episodes. Not even sure what to say about Animal Kingdom. If you liked the movie you may like the series, and if you like crime drama you may like the series. Otherwise since I’ve only watched the pilot episode, I’ll reserve thoughts until I have some. I will continue to watch though.

Didn’t get as many words today. At least not the huge count I’ve been used to. Dogs were acting up from the new neighbor dogs attacking the fence behind them. They nitpick the two boxers which live behind their house, my dogs, and the dog behind us. Being sunny, I had the window open so my dogs cut up and I had to keep getting up and down to shut the window.

I was also researching names for the “law enforcement” system on one of the planets in the series and may or may not have that figured out. I’ll still play with the names I’ve collected. For now I want initials and I have this weird thing when I do something like that, where I want the initials to sound good when they are said. Am I the only one who does that?



Word count I started the day with: 26,916

Word count I ended the day with: 27,778

Total for the day: 862 words



Question of the Day:
Someone walks up to you in a parking lot. They show no threat toward you. Instead, they wish to give you twenty dollars and refuse to leave unless you take it. What do you do? If you take it, what do you do with it? Would it be easier to take if they looked a particular way? Nice clothes versus shabby; young versus old?


*the image used as a thumbnail represents a scene written today.

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