Multiple POV

Switching viewpoints today. I wasn’t thinking I would end up writing from another POV in this book, but today it turned out that way. Then while I was writing today, I had the idea pop into my head that I may end up crisscrossing many different POV’s from here on out. The ones in the story, but still, I’ve been fairly consistent with not doing that. I do a couple POV’s but not a lot.

It’d be new for me period. I usually don’t follow a strict rule with how many scenes a person can hold and whatnot. If my editor thinks one person hasn’t been shown enough, she may mention it and I’ll inject some more, but overall, I write as the people (and scenes) come to me, as the story develops. For me, that’s my writing style now. I may change that later on, but for now I can safely say it’s my style.

I think of George R.R. Martin when I consider so many different POV’s. My thoughts are mixed on all the ones he uses so I try to be conscious of that and ensure that at the end of the day, it doesn’t take anything away from the story. I know for sure I’m going to do that in a new series that will branch off of Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. That’s because all the previous series in the Dark Moon Dynasty Universe will converge in a final series (don’t know the name of the series so I can’t say what it will be). I know a lot of different POV’s will be in those stories which I find exciting, albeit it will be challenging. I didn’t expect to have multiple POV’s in this series though.



Word count I started the day with: 17,105

Word count I ended the day with: 18,422

Total for the day: 1,317 words


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