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Good enough

So today I’ll be fixing the menu and the pages on this site. In case you’ve tried to use one of those things in the past two days and got an error. It will be fixed today.

Didn’t get as many words as I would have liked, but it’s good enough. I was busy going back and forth on (love the site!). I wanted to find ideas for planets and names because as I was writing, a lot of what I wrote depended on the planet I was describing. Since I had new thoughts in mind, I couldn’t get out of it simply by doing a short {note – research} in my writing.

Well, I could’ve but because a lot of the current story information was based on the specifics of said specific planet, I needed at least a few details to keep me going. Otherwise when I came back to that place in editing, there would be so few details I would find myself lost as to what I was doing, and the actual story would be missing.

So I took the stance of risking word count to make sure I knew enough about a new planet that I could include some information and later just fill it in or change it. Having something there to guide me was better than going in blind later on.

Yesterday while I was moving this site, I had a reader contact me about Hope of the FutureThey asked about it being in paperback. I wanted to include a note here that I would be working on that by the end of this week. Should be available in paperback by the end of the month. I’ll let my newsletter subscribers know when it’s available on CreateSpace. That will be my next project. So thank you to Steven for bringing that to my attention.



Word count I started the day with: 16,378

Word count I ended the day with: 17,105

Total for the day: 727 words


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