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And so we begin.

Began writing Under Empty Stars yesterday. Since I’m over a chapter in I can get the page done for it. I’ll wait to share it until next week because my newsletter people will get first look at the cover. Advantage of it. I plan to share exclusive content from the making of the story too, just for my subscribers. I’m waiting until a couple of the books have released before I start.

So far the story is tumbling out of me. It’s just a matter of slowing my thoughts down enough so I can type out the words that are coming. This particular book is really exciting because there is going to be such a change in the storyline, and all the characters are taking on a new life. Story bits are coming out in the entire universe that I hadn’t had a clue about when I was writing the first two books. Can’t wait to see if this really is the last book or if it’s about the two main characters in my head.

Hope of the Future was an introductory to this new world we inhabit, the future, what came of the world after the apocalypse. Oh, and an intro to Hope herself. Daughter of the Red Planet was based on introducing Haley and Claude, then Ellie, developing their storyline, and introducing Stone, Jack, and Jeremiah into the fray. Then Ancient Scars I’d say is more about the development of Ellie and Stone, Jack, Jeremiah, but the introduction of their relationship and Ellie and Claude’s. Under Empty Stars picks up where AC ends off.

I’m about 100 words in on the read through of Ancient Scars before I send it off to Jeanie for her first thoughts. This one is already near 93K words so I’m excited to see if it’ll break the 100K mark. I’m getting better at showing details, and environments in my books. Still can’t get my brain to do too much in details when it comes to the actual character and their clothes, may not ever be my thing, but we’ll see in the coming years what happens.

Word count I started the day with: 925

Word count I ended the day with: 3133

Total for the day: 2,208 words

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