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How To Think Sideways course is open

If you’re looking for a great writing course to take, Holly Lisle has opened up registration again for her HTTS course. I took this course and learned a lot of things.

I willllll say straight out that like most writing courses, you may or may not get everything you’re looking for out of it. This may or may not be the course for you. There are a lot of lessons, but I gained quite a bit of new knowledge.

If you’re really only just beginning to write, this would be an even better course for you to take because you’ll go from the very beginning of generating ideas all the way through publishing. But even if you’ve been writing for a while, this course may have a lot of new information to learn. If you’ve seen my tagline “Ready for a heart-pounding life-changing experience to challenge your mind & the way you see things?” this is where I learned it from. And as a writer, I try to learn new things constantly so if you can afford it, why not take it anyway?

Using this link will earn me a few bucks if you take the course –

Clicking here won’t –

It costs you nothing to click on either link.

Ask me a question, or leave a note below & tell me if you enjoyed this..

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