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Story creation – characters

Stone, Stone, Stone. How you do fascinate me. As I edit DAUGHTER OF THE RED PLANET (play with story notes now that the editor has the book) and ANCIENT SCARS, I discover a whole new plot line with one particular character. I have a load of scenes percolating for when I write the third in the series (now technically 4th, I suppose) book, UNDER EMPTY STARS. During this whole time, one character has been a standout individual who in fact says VERY little through the actual books. In DAUGHTER OF THE RED PLANET he really doesn’t say much at all, he’s just therrrrreee.

At this moment I am piddling with the story notes yet again because Stone arrives in my thoughts. The amount of dimension this character has is incredible. And by piddling with story notes, what I’m doing is writing his history in a way. I don’t outline the story, I don’t work out his details when I’m writing, I just write a small note on what he’s told/shown me, then on the weekends, I expand it. Or as Chuck Palahniuk states, I unpack it. I sit down and let the pen move. No thought, no pause, just write. I turn off the brain and let the words come. I can tell you I have discovered details that never crossed my mind before.

Today’s note that I am expanding on is this, “Stone’s been having dreams – ‘Not savior.’ ” I wrote that before bed on Wednesday night. I removed a couple words because of spoilers. They don’t change the message, but seeing that I haven’t released ANCIENT SCARS, I don’t want to ruin it for you.

I have no clue where this is gonna go, but am curious to the nth degree.

*a thank you and huge amount of appreciation to the people here on Facebook for helping me determine all those title names ❤

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