Anora - Druid Daily Word Count Daughter of the Red Planet

The plot thickens

Had some very interesting ideas hit me for the Guardian of Life series last night. I’m excited to implement it. I swear I’d seen something similar in a movie, but can’t find anything so maybe it was an art drawing. The closest I found to my idea was the “dinobots” in the latest Transformers movie. Love those movies.

Either way, my idea will be different from those. Even if I can’t find out if my idea was used somewhere, it’ll be unique to my story for how it comes about. We’ll just say it’s like a steam punk dragon.

Not much in Anora today. I started late and didn’t have much time to write, but still, happy with those numbers.


Word count I started the day with: 34,695

Word count I ended the day with: 35,499

Total for the day: 804 words


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