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Feel like a chicken running around with her head cut off

The past two days, I hadn’t written much because on Wednesday, I got a notice from Amazon in the morning. They wanted me to verify I was the author behind Dark Illusions: The Beginning. I had five days or they’d close my account. Not just that book. Everything.

Now, since I am the author, obviously that’s not what the bother was. And I’m fully aware of the fact that many may go through that. I am changing the covers back to the original covers I had. I gave them a bit of a face lift as I mentioned I think in a previous blog, but I guess that triggered the system so they wanted to check for verification.

Wellllll, I overkilled it on purpose. I believe I have verified these same books before, and I’ve contacted them before when I was changing my author name. Both times. So that is what really bothered me about it. Otherwise, I’m grateful that they are checking.

It’s still nauseating to get that email. I don’t like my integrity questioned, even if it’s business and not something personal. I’ve gone through that in my personal life which is why I work hard to not be a liar, and am so open and honest. It’s important to me.

So I gave them screenshots of the ownership of the domain (no longer have) as well as the (no longer have), then screenshots of Dark Illusions: The Beginning files all the way back to when I’d first called it Awakened: The Beginning. Those dated back to 2010 I believe (two years before I published). I explained that the name was changed because so many had the title that I didn’t want to overtly worry over competition. But the author names are all attached to those files, so it proved that it went as far back as 2010. I told them in the email that I’d take copies of all the tattered notes I started the series with too if that was necessary.

Needless to say, by the end of the night, I got the notice that the book was published, which made me happy. And made me have a big sigh of relief.

But the drawback was that for two days my brain was shot. I did manage a bit of editing, but the covers I perfected and that was about it.

Today, I managed to write enough that made up for the two days of quiet time though. Happy about that.

I have also been following the progress of some eggs in our yard. The nest hatched and I’ve been sharing the day to day progress of the surviving baby over on Facebook. Yesterday I uploaded some images that I’ll share below. I’m waiting patiently for the baby to fly because it keeps hiding in the grass in the backyard, and I want to mow. But I’m letting it have the best chance for survival, so I don’t want to take that hiding place away.

Baby hiding in the grass
Baby hiding in the grass
Daddy Junco
Daddy Junco (he’s really vibrant black in the head)
Momma Junco (she is a bit lighter in the body and head, funny how she's showing up dark in the image, but she's a bit more gray in the head)
Momma Junco (she is a bit lighter in the body and head, funny how she’s showing up dark in the image, but she’s a bit more gray in the head)
Baby Junco hiding. I am a rock, you don't see me. The feathers have fully formed.
Baby Junco hiding. I am a rock, you don’t see me. The feathers have fully formed.

Made the decision that in my newsletter I am going to start sharing snippets of my work. Since Friday is my last day that I write (generally) it’ll probably be on a Friday, or a Monday that I share. Not sure about every week. It takes time to work up the newsletter and that’s sometimes an hour of my day that I need for editing. We will see which I do, and can sustain. At the very least, it will be every other week. That way you get two newsletters a month from me. I’ll poll my subscribers to see what they think.

I’m going to also start sharing insider secrets that only subscribers to my newsletter will receive. I’ve been doing that already, but this is going to be beyond that. I updated the free stuff you get for signing up, so if you’re interested, sign up. You won’t regret it!




Word count I started the day with: 24,043

Word count I ended the day with: 25,816

Total for the day: 1773 words



Current Book I’m Reading –

Servants of Twilight – Dean Koontz


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